Event Catering West Palm Beach

Event Catering West Palm Beach

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There are several things to consider when planning an event in the West Palm Beach area and at the top of the list as one of the most important things to consider is the food.   If you’re organizing an event for hundreds of people it can be quite difficult to cook for a large crowd. One of the best resources you can have is an event catering company like Okeechobee Steakhouse Catering.

Exceptional Event Catering

Our staff members have helped with event catering in West Palm Beach for many years. We’ve had the pleasure of completing event catering for birthdays, retirement parties, corporate retreats and more. As part of our event catering services we handle the organization, deliver the food and make sure that the entire process is very well organized. By preparing extraordinary food and giving the ultimate in service we can help you to save an extensive amount of time and make sure that your event can be very well received.

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Years of Catering Experience

We know that every event, even if it is an annual event, should be unique and unrepeatable. We are aware that everyone has different tastes and we want to make sure there are dietary options available to everyone attending. Providing food that will be widely liked by your audience takes careful consideration. As event caterers in West Palm Beach here are some of the following top event services that we can provide for our clients:

Event Catering Services

Okeechobee Steakhouse Catering can organize nearly everything food related for your next event. This includes but is not limited to planning for multiple courses, large platters or having lunch boxes delivered. We will make sure all of your needs are provided for during the event planning process. During the event, we can make sure that all dietary restrictions can be covered throughout the event. Ensuring that every one of your guests has something that they can enjoy will lead to a better event overall.

Event Catering for a Business

At Okeechobee Steakhouse Catering we work with many corporate clients to ensure that we regularly assist businesses in many different industries for business event catering. Whether you have an upcoming product launch that you are planning or you just need event catering in West Palm Beach for your upcoming Christmas party, our staff will handle the processes of preparing and organizing the food, planning the menu, and coordinating with your chosen venue.   Event catering for companies is the perfect idea for businesses to save time while getting access to the best quality food available for people to enjoy at corporate events.

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Event Caterers West Palm Beach

Our event caterers can work with you to provide the perfect food for other events coming up. For example, you many need quality food platters for an art show opening or even just some simple food that you can put out a birthday party. We can handle the process of organizing the food for you. Our company regularly provides support at event catering throughout West Palm Beach. We have worked at events ranging from funerals to government events, conferences and more. As professional event caterers you can depend on us to make the best selections for your budget and for the type of food that will be both satisfying to the your guests and for the theme of your event.

Outdoor Event Catering

One of our specialties in event catering in West Palm Beach is organizing outdoor event catering. We specialize in the process of developing outdoor catering solutions for picnics, family reunions, birthdays and more. If you have imagined having an outdoor event and you want to make sure that you have the best food on hand, leave the cooking to our staff. With our kitchen and delivery system we can make sure that all of the food arrives prepared and ready to be served at your upcoming outdoor event.

This is by far, the best way you can have a quality meal in the middle of a public space. If you want to utilize a beautiful scene or the grounds at your property, we can make sure that your next outdoor event can be catered with success.

Private Event Catering

Do you have an upcoming private event such as a secret product launch, or a private party at home? We can help you with the process of private event catering solutions.  Okeechobee Steakhouse Catering can help to keep your event secret while planning a specialty menu around a theme you want for your private event. We have experience creating food and menus for a variety of private parties including small birthdays, gala dinners, fundraisers and more. Please contact us if you are planning any type of private event. We can handle the process of creating a menu or a catering solution in West Palm Beach that will satisfy the needs of the crowd you are gathering.

Office Event Catering

If you are having an office event such as a grand reopening, a series of new hires or even a training day or week, we can help you treat your staff members with quality lunch and dinner options. We can help you to prepare with the best event catering in West Palm Beach so that you can organize delivery of fresh exceptional food directly to your office. We provide office event catering and regular corporate catering across West Palm Beach area.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our catering services in West Palm Beach and the types of event catering that we can provide for your next event!